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BEA'S RUSKS is more than just a treat with tea or coffee. It is breakfast-on-the-run, sleep-in-breakfast in bed, a lunchbox replacement for the sandwich you did not have time to make, something to serve to unexpected guests, something to nibble on next to the fire when camping or in front of a fire-place, always ready treat for students, teenagers or even small children, a quick fix for diabetics when blood glucose drops, a shelf stable food for people in old age homes or those who just rent a room, the ideal addition to a picnic basket, “padkos”, a mid-morning snack for executives having a board meeting, something South African to take overseas, Mom's treat to send to far away children, a thank you gift, a gift to treat or just something affordable you can give to bless someone. Once the thought came to my mind that if you have a flat tyre, my rusks would not be able to help, but then I realize, a cup of coffee and my rusks will bring some comfort which will make you feel better.

Of all the rusks, the All Bran Rusks and Gluten Free Rusks are the most popular. The Diabetic Rusks can be regarded as the healthiest, because it contains all the wholesome ingredients, but also has the lowest saturated fat content.

We have obtained the following:

ALLERGEN STATEMENT POLICY who stipulates how we store the ingredients, the procedure we use when baking and how to clean in an effort to keep a high standard.